[Writer] babyneukdae_61

Hello, I’m Laurensia Leonovira. I was born on January 26, 2000 with the name Leonovira. Laurensia is a baptism name. You can call me Vira, Ara, or Lauren 😀 But now, people usually call me Ren 😀 Up to you how do you call me ^^

Multifandom K-popers and multibias XD also a lover of Shawn Mendes

High School Student, just an ordinary girl that known as a lazy chick XD

Really love SVT’s Rapper Line (S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon)

Wanna know me more? You can find me in

Instagram Twitter

I also write fics in

Diamond Dreamworks (my wordpress)


I think that’s all ^^ Lastly, 我很高兴认识你 (I’m so happy to know you)^^

-Ren aka babyneukdae_61


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