[Ficlet] Not Over



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ficlet by imaginesugar

fluff, family rated T

starring [SVT] Xu Minghao, [ayshry’s OC] Xu Jiao

inspired from Love is Not Over by BTS

pic cr : http://pm1.narvii.com/6212/1c448999129b8ac519997f4ce283a6aaac1c1fb8_hq.jpg

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“Mengucap selamat tinggal itu lebih sakit”

-Minghao, 2017

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Happy reading!

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[Drabble] Babysitter



drabble by imaginesugar
fluff, comedy rated G
Joshua Hong x Milan Russell

*. the whole plot is mine so do not do plagiarism or remake and take it out without my permission
*. the casts aren’t mine, I’m just using their name for entertainment purpose and nothing commercial
*. enjoy!

Milan yakin kehidupan rumah tangganya kelak akan diawali keributan besar

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