[Ficlet] – Bon Appétit.2

[Ficlet] – Bon Appétit.2


By Jejeauurd


|| Lee Chan X Choi Yewon (OMG’s Arin) || Slice of Life, Teenager, Romance, Friendship ||


“Mau makan dimana?”

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[Ficlet] The Red Lantern


The Red Lantern

written by Jejeauurd

|| Starring 17’s Wen Junhui & OC’s Jane Hong ||

|| Teen, Romance, angst || Ficlet ||


(inspired by Silent Preception)


“Masih kalah cantik sama nuna.” 

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[Drabbles] Picture of Us

Mencoba membuat kolase, mwihihi:3

Picture of Us

written by Jejeauurd

17’s Kwon Soonyoung X OC’s Lee  Ra

|| Contained of 9 drabbles || Romance, T, Slight! Fluff ||


“Sepertinya hari ini aku lebam-lebam,”
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[Today’s Forecast] of Sunshine and Secret


Of Sunshine and Secret

by Jejeauurd

|| 17’s Lee Chan X A girl ||

|| Teen, School!AU || Ficlet <600 words ||


“The difference between you and sky is that when you laugh i forget about the sky.”


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[Ficlet] Salah Besar

pict by : Sweet Summer

Salah Besar

Ceritanya b’day fic by Jejeauurd

|| 17’s Kwon Soonyoung X Lee Ra (OC) ||

|| Romance, Teen, School life!AU || Ficlet 750 words ||


“Aku makin tampan ‘kan?”


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[Ficlet-Mix] The Opposite Partner


The Opposite Partner

A Ficlet-Mix special for echaminswag~’s b’day

from zero404error and Jejeauurd

Starring :

[Seventeen’s] Lee Jihoon with Kim Mingyu [OC] Caryss Lee and Kim Nayeon
| Genres : Family; Comedy, Slice of Life | Rating : General | 2 Ficlets |


“Saudaramu, nerakamu.”

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[Ficlet] Crossed the Line

Crossed the Line

a ficlet by Jejeauurd

Pic by S͙P͙L͙A͙S͙H͙R͙A͙I͙N͙

|| Jisoo/Joshua Hong and a girl || angst, romance || ficlet <800 words ||

I own nothing except the plot.

A ficlet birthday for Mr. Joshua Hong. Ikr it's alr late  but, better late than never:) enjoy!

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