[Oneshot] – Love at Its Finest


Love at Its Finest

Kim Mingyu x You ׀ 1873 words ׀ Romance ׀ nokaav, 2018.

“Aku mencintaimu. Jangan minta aku berhenti mengatakan itu.”

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[Ficlet] Dream?



Kwon Soonyoung x Choi Yuna ׀ Romance ׀ PG ׀ Ficlet

“Mengapa Soonyoung mengirim pesan semacam ini?!”

© plot by Gagal Moveon via PlotIdeas © storyline by nokaav © picture by All of Hoshi

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[Ficlet] Another Ordinary Night


Another Ordinary Night

A ficlet by nokaav3896 ׀ Starring [17’s] Jeon Wonwoo and Kim Mingyu and [OC’s] Kim Chorim ׀ It’s a family-romance and labeled as PG15 ׀ OCs and plot are mine!

©nokaav3896 – 2016

Source pict: fy!meanie on tumblr

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[Ficlet] Of Girl’s Period and Midnight Date


Of Girl’s Period and Midnight Date

Jeon Wonwoo x Kim Chorim, slight!mentioned Kim Mingyu

A debut fanfiction in ficlet and recehan romance with PG17 for a bad word by nokaav


“Ayo jangan bertengkar, aku benar-benar ingin berkencan sekarang.”

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