[Ficlet] When It Rains

A song fict from hujan senja (new name of @andditaa)

A girl & Choi Seungcheol

| sad drama | warning: some little curses.

“I saw you in the rain while waiting.
You were singing a crush song and now I realize I have crush on you.”

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[SVT FREELANCE] – [Songfic] Don’t Go

Don't Go

Sampai ke ujung dunia sekalipun, aku akan terus berlari mengikutimu.



A bunnyjeon’s first debut story

Don’t Go

based from EXO’s song from the 1st album with the same title.

starring with Seventeen’s Giant Maknae Lee Chan [Dino]

Genre Teen and of course Romance | Length Songfic | Rating PG-13 | Mainly used Lee Chan’s point of view | Warning a little bit OOC and ‘gaje’ XD

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